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The why behind our reason for homeschooling is just as important as the program we select for them to meet grade level requirements. It is what can help fuel our intentions, keep us motivated when the going gets tough, and define the purpose of our work as a parent-educator.

There are many reasons that lead parents to homeschool. Especially in this day and age where traditional values are being called into question, and the quality of a school is dependent on decisions that are often made at the top. As a result, students are often provided with an education which may support them in one area and leave them un-supported in another no matter how much a teacher tries to do right by them because of the constraints of an overall school.

Yes, there are some schools that are better than others. A fraction that may have all the resources we desire our kids to have, but oftentimes these are the schools with limited spaces, beyond our budget, and where our children may not be supported in their identities as Muslims adhering to the Quran and Sunnah.

Every parents dream school for their child is one where their student is provided with the highest level of learning in all measures. But, is this truly realistic? Can we ever find this even within our very own homeschool programs from the comforts of our dining room table?

If you answered, no, then you’re being honest about the realities of a child’s schooling whether this comes from our decision to enroll them into an actual school institution or homeschool. Umm Khadeejah based in the UK from A Muslim Homeschool has been blogging for ten years about the hard choices parents often have to make for their children in context to education.

What we love about her blog is that she provides parents with an insight that is truthful, unbiased and takes a critical look at the realities and attributes of homeschooling. She provides helpful tips for developing an action plan for home teaching, as well as strategies for instruction.

Umm Khadeejah also offers a variety of e-books, courses, and links for printable subject based resources you can use for teaching. She is the author of My Ramadan Journal which helps kids set goals for Ramadan through fun activities which provide encouragement. She even has tips for how to help your child develop entrepreneurial skills.

For any parent that has ever embarked on the journey of Homeschooling it is one thing that we realize---it is not an easy tasks! A Muslim Homeschool’s blog can provide you with an arsenal of resources in those times of difficulties, as well as those times of ease. If you haven’t checked out her blog and online shop you can do so today at

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