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Student Centered Curriculum


At Everyday Ibaadah we believe that learning should be student centered. It doesn’t matter if your child is being taught in a classroom, or from the dining room table in your home. Curriculum that reflects student’s interest, beliefs, cultures and backgrounds is curriculum which can connect to learners in a meaningful way. This is why we create learning materials that your child can understand and relate too. We find that when content is relevant and contains standards that help students meet grade level expectations—students succeed academically and grow confident in themselves. From phonics work books to science curriculum, our products are those that can be trusted.

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book that will help your 3-5 year old develop their math skills? My Pre-K Math teaches number readiness, counting and more!

My Kindergarten Language Arts will introduce your kindergartner to the beginning mechanics of language, grammar, reading, and writing. 

My Kindergarten Phonics will help your beginning reader develop their language and literacy skills. Lessons meet and exceed common core standards with fun activities that support the Muslim learner.

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