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Spring into Ramadan Youth Camp

Ages 5 to 15 Boys & Girls

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"May Allah accept your fast and ours!"-THE TEAM

What about this for an Eid gift?

Connect to your little one with this fun activity! All you need is two paper plates, washable paint, glue and a paint brush to create a beautiful moon craft activity. This hands on experience is great for your 4-5 year old. 

Make the most out of this Ramadan! Each day help your little one connect to the purpose of this month by having them engage in a variety of hands-on activities you'll find uploaded every week in our FREE STUFF section. 

Make Ramadan enjoyable for your kids by making it exciting!

3 Things You Can Do with Your Child:

  • Prepare iftar together

  • Read the Quran together

  • Make Eid Cards together

Get Ramadan FREEBIES!

We will be giving away free resources weekly to help keep your child motivated throughout the month of Ramadan. Looking for a kid friendly Calendar? How about a Fasting Tracker?


This week click, download, print, enlarge...

laminate or just let your little one begin coloring in the days they fast. You can even have them place stickers to signify daily the completion of each full or half-day fast. 

Even if they just attempted a couple of hours still reward them for their efforts! This helps to

keep them encouraged and build a foundation for teen and adulthood years, insha Allah. 

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Are you looking for information which can help you structure your classroom? Foster the love of learning amongst your child? Have a struggling learner? Need some lesson plan ideas? Or educational support for your home school?

Check out our blog spot. At Everyday Ibaadah, we our passionate about supporting children, parents, and teachers. Combining academic learning with the Quran and Sunnah as the guiding principles is what we do. Our goal is to help make teaching and learning easy.

Our post helps you understand how you can incorporate effective teaching strategies, best and evidenced based practices. We provide information about the latest educational trends, and tips for helping your child reach their full academic potential while also helping them build confidence as Muslims.

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Soon we will release a fun-filled collection of videos which can help foster learning in your child. Episodes will teach concepts such as colors & shapes, alphabets, number awareness, and engage your learner in follow-along science activities straight from the lessons found in our workbooks.