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Teaching with the Workbook Series

Although the staff at Everyday Ibadaah believes in giving the Classroom or Home Educator autonomy in how you teach content, we feel that it’s best practice to use lesson plans in order to help you map out how you will use our workbooks and learning materials.

In each book you’ll find that it contains an introduction guide with instructions for subject matter material. Also, information about what a student is expected to learn from the given book of reference as it pertains to state and national standards.

We encourage educators to have students work directly from an assigned workbook. However, know that sometimes it’s more cost efficient to print pages for multiple use within your individual classroom and/or homeschool.

Before beginning a lesson found within the five workbooks from the My Kindergarten® line, it’s best to always check for a student’s prior knowledge of understanding. You can do so by asking open-ended questions about a particular topic, lesson, or subject you are teaching.

Introduction of vocabulary needed in order to understand a concept, or skill area is also key. You can use the work book as a reference when providing direct instruction of material through engagement, and demonstration of an exercise or activity.

Modeling is also an effective teaching strategy. It can be done orally, on a wipe board, smart board, or large sheet of post-able paper.

Next, through guided practice you can have students attempt the lesson and/or activity from the workbook page which was just referenced in the direct instruction. This helps to build confidence in a skill.

When homeschooling, you can sit with your learner to assist them in completing tasks, and if you’re in a classroom it is best practice to rotate from student to student in order to check their comprehension and application of skill.

In our practical science activities, you’ll find activities which encourage you to explore. You get to go outside with students on nature walks, use the appendix to complete hands on activities, and engage students through a range of fun modalities you’ll find provided in the book.

We make serving you our job by assuring that you are provided with the optimal tools for providing your learners with the best education possible!

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