December 21, 2017

As any classroom or home educator knows, the materials you choose for instruction are essential for providing effective comprehension of a skill or subject matter. When we seek material, we often look for how the information will read to our learners.

Some of the questions we ask are, does it meet common core or national standards? Can it help my child learn what they need to know before advancing to the next grade level? And, does it consider the identity of my Muslim child?

Oftentimes we find ourselves skipping over activities, weeding out sketchy information, or supplementing with what we want our students to really know.

The staff at Everyday Ibaadah knows that although products by secular mainstream publishers and the likes have been providing us with learning materials for years, it’s time for products that offer comparable subject matter content with the Muslim student as a central focus.

We believe in providing exceptionally quality material that the Muslim Educator and/or Par...

December 19, 2017

Did you know that in 2017 it was calculated that there are 2.18 Billion Muslims in the World? This is from a 1.84% increase in population since 2016 according to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. If we were to focus in on just the data in America alone, there are 1.7 million Muslims across the Unites States. So, the question is whose educating our children?

According to the Islamic School League of America (ISLA), which is a nonprofit that connects Muslim educators and institutions it has been estimated that 40,000 students are enrolled in Islamic schools across the United States, with a 25 percent increase since 2006. This can lead us to our next question; where are the additional numbers of Muslim students being educated?

Anyone can surmise from population rates, to the amount of births that we experience in our homes, and increase in family sizes of our friends or members of our masajid that Islamic schools aren’t solely providing k-12 academic education for all of...

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