December 21, 2017

Although the staff at Everyday Ibadaah believes in giving the Classroom or Home Educator autonomy in how you teach content, we feel that it’s best practice to use lesson plans in order to help you map out how you will use our workbooks and learning materials.

In each book you’ll find that it contains an introduction guide with instructions for subject matter material. Also, information about what a student is expected to learn from the given book of reference as it pertains to state and national standards.

We encourage educators to have students work directly from an assigned workbook. However, know that sometimes it’s more cost efficient to print pages for multiple use within your individual classroom and/or homeschool.

Before beginning a lesson found within the five workbooks from the My Kindergarten® line, it’s best to always check for a student’s prior knowledge of understanding. You can do so by asking open-ended questions about a particular topic, lesson, or subject you are teaching...

December 21, 2017

Have you ever driven to another state without a map app? Or hosted an Eid celebration without any sort of planning? We didn’t think so! Preparing what you will teach for a day, week, or even sometimes a month in advance is critical for ensuring academic success with your students.

Lesson planning is important whether you are teaching in an actual classroom, or homeschooling. It helps teachers and parents map out the day-to-day activities that will be covered for effective instruction of a subject, facilitation of an activity, as well as routine time management.

Each day comes with its own set of challenges whether your little scholar is fidgeting to go outside and play rather than learn addition facts, with a toddler crying on your hip. Or, you have three students struggling to stay on tasks while twenty others stare back at you with wide eyes of boredom. A lesson plan is there to help you stay on track no matter what you may encounter and to prepare for the worst.

The structure of your l...

December 21, 2017

As any classroom or home educator knows, the materials you choose for instruction are essential for providing effective comprehension of a skill or subject matter. When we seek material, we often look for how the information will read to our learners.

Some of the questions we ask are, does it meet common core or national standards? Can it help my child learn what they need to know before advancing to the next grade level? And, does it consider the identity of my Muslim child?

Oftentimes we find ourselves skipping over activities, weeding out sketchy information, or supplementing with what we want our students to really know.

The staff at Everyday Ibaadah knows that although products by secular mainstream publishers and the likes have been providing us with learning materials for years, it’s time for products that offer comparable subject matter content with the Muslim student as a central focus.

We believe in providing exceptionally quality material that the Muslim Educator and/or Par...

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